Rave Reviews

“My pieces created by you bring me compliments and joy.  I will be at Gallery night and will stop by. Of course I will be proudly wearing my favorite jewelry created by the Heart Department.  I love it and it inspires me every time I touch it, I feel as if each piece was meant for only me.”  -Diane Hahner

“I am a huge fan of your jewelry and have been totally pining –seriously pining for your jewelry. I am so happy right now! I have already thanked Diane who gave me the gift, but I just wanted to thank you so much, you’re work is so inspiring and I will have one of those bracelets soon. You’re just amazing and I am so thankful you are making art.” –Dyana Valentine

“We both love it! Hunter gets compliments from every bride she talks to.  It couldn’t be more perfect, and has set a high bar for all the other wedding details to follow.”  –Stratton Lawrence

“Yes!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you!  Can’t think of anything better to wear the rest of my life!  Whoa . . . that sounds crazy.”  –Hunter McRea

“I love my bracelet that you did for me with the anchor on it for Christmas!”  -Diane Folse

“Given the way we met (in a voting line), I obviously had no knowledge about you or your work, and no references. After having the opportunity to work with you, I can now say, without hesitation, that your work for me was fabulous, and you did it in a very prompt way. Further, you stayed in good communication and, I believe,  wish to make your customers happy, Those to whom I have given gifts of your jewelry have been very pleased, which makes me happy. You’re great!”  -Todd Kelley

“Hands together aging. Years of sharing they have told. Ring of shinning stars reflect the spirit in the soul of future life yet to unfold. Love the RING! Perfect fit.”  -Mrs. L

“I can’t see because I am crying!! It is as much as I would have done. I don’t know a bigger testimonial than that. YOU are my spirit child born of the same wave. I think this is absolute PERFECTION!” -Constance Soutullo