Stylish Brain Food

You like fashion, but know it is only icing on the cake of life. You are on a quest to continue improving yourself and the world around you.

You don’t want to waste precious time on things that don’t benefit the greater good.
You appreciate that when we improve and uplift ourselves or another person, it improves and uplifts everyone.

So, why would you wear jewelry that doesn’t help improve your life?

You might find that The Heart Department is the jewelry box

your heart has dreamed of and your mind has craved if:

  • you want a beautiful way to be mindful with your focus
  • you recognize that thoughts are incredibly powerful
  • you agree that the power of healing relies on intention
  • you want exquisite and unique designs handmade in the USA
  • you love details

Step inside the Heart Department to find out how jewelry can improve your life.

I empower you with exquisite jewelry to be used as a reminder of what you need to be mindful of or to inspire you.
Wear jewelry that helps you improve your life; gift jewelry that uplifts others.
Shop The Heart Department and experience jewelry that blends the proven attributes of gems with thoughtful intentions. Transformation can be fashionable.

You can shop my handmade creations here or connect with me here and I can create something for you.