An Easy Way to Pay Attention and Give Love

vibranthealthywholesilverbraceletHave you heard that life is about finding meaning for our greater purpose as humans, in our relationships, and in our careers? It may just be the most acclaimed reason for our existence.

We don’t fight this idea because we each feel it for ourselves to be true. We seek self-improvement and holistic approaches to make life cohesive with the spiritual journey of being a thoughtful person. Doses of silly certainly ease the seriousness. After all, isn’t life a waste if we aren’t serious about having fun?

The blend of humor and respect makes life feel like a little slice of happy pie.

Time passes, and we learn a lot, right? We understand that the meaning of life is about paying attention to the present and about giving love to every one in every circumstance. None-the-less, we can find ourselves dancing with the same demons, a.k.a. our personal life patterns from how we were raised, etc. until we pay attention to them enough to understand, accept and over come them. We then begin to soar with a willingness to thrive. We are careful about whom we let into our lives and what we expose ourselves to because we know it influences our thoughts. We embrace the angels that guide us. We initiate ideas. We re-invent and create the life we want with a greater purpose at its core.

I’m not doing anything that hasn’t been done before. I believe in the idea that with exposure to something it becomes a powerful catalyst of what we think –and who we are. We all know the WWJD and LiveStrong bracelets; mine are just better looking and perhaps they resonate more with you.

The message for this fun, handmade bracelet is Vibrant. Healthy. Whole.

I want to feel Vibrant and alive. I want my approach to life to be one of harmony, love, understanding, and fun. I also want to be the conscious enforcer behind what I put in my mouth.

Health is the starting point, the bottom rung on the ladder from which all other things easily rise from. The focus is on healthy thoughts, a healthy wallet, a healthy belly and a healthy heart.

Whole is the compilation of all facets of our lives and sits in the center of it all. When we balance healthy love into each component of life (social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, physical, and intellectual), the whole-istic approach to wellness blossoms.

From that, we are vibrant.

Each piece of jewelry that I create looks beautiful, but behind that beauty is deep meaning that can uplift your perspective. Talk about a power couple!

I write a poem for each piece to inspire your vision. I write the poem based on the attributes of the design, and when you read it and think of the piece it causes an immediate correlation that spurs your thoughts when you wear the jewel.

I call it stylish brain food.

So, Here’s a summary:

1) Wear fine jewelry from The Heart Department

2) Read the poem

3) Let the poem inspire you

4) Look good, while changing the world.

“Create in you an irresistible energy, putting wings on your heart that will allow you to fly beyond all self-imposed limitations.” -Jerry Jampolsky, M.D.

xo, The Heart Department

Listening to:  If the Stars Were Mine by Melody Gardot


“Hands together aging. Years of sharing they have told. Ring of shinning stars reflect the spirit in the soul of future life yet to unfold. Love the RING! Perfect fit.”