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We are filled with joy, but life will sometimes poke at that and test our resilience. Many of us don’t even acknowledge the stress, because we are in go-mode and nothing will stop us. No matter the hurdles, we will stretch our legs enough to jump them.

Others get stuck because there are so many hurdles. We think too much about the possibilities and are paralyzed by too many options – it’s like having to select from a Cheesecake Factory menu.

In both scenarios, go-mode or stagnant, we have to remind ourselves of the end goal. With the jewelry I create and stories I write, they are a simple reminder that we are on the right track. Each of us CAN improve our state of mind by visualizing.

Below is an excerpt of the original Bella Magazine interview featured in the June 2013 Love it Local Issue that gives some back story to the source of my inspiration, how I write the stories and the healing aspect of the jewelry:

Renee:  This is the Love it Local issue– do you draw inspiration for your jewelry from anything local, e.g. the water, the sand?

Mariel:  I draw my inspiration for all of my jewelry creations 100% from Pensacola Beach. Even if I look to my mom’s designs for inspiration, hers were inspired by Pensacola Beach, so it all goes back to there. I find inspiration from the teeny tiny shells mixed in with the grains of quartz crystal sand to the currents where the birds and water flow. I imagine the smell of the beach, the sounds of the lapping waves upon the shore, salt dried upon my skin with the feel of a warm breeze and I’m instantly transported to Pensacola Beach.

As a landlocked mermaid most of my adult life, I’ve created jewelry to connect me and all mermaids-at-heart to the beach no matter where we physically stand.

Renee:  How do you come up with your aspirations? Do you write them all?

Mariel:  Yes, I write them all. If I’m making a custom piece for a specific purpose or person, I’ll research what stone is known for the characteristics we want. As I’m working the metal, words and phrases may form that help me shape the piece. After I’ve finished the treasure, I take photographs of it and revel in it’s beauty and then I write. I fall in love with each piece I make and the poems come as a sort of fascination with the piece and the message it is supposed to tell. If I have made the piece for a specific client, I’ll sit quietly and ask myself what this person needs to know. The answer always arrives and the words always flow. Sometimes I’m most inspired at night right as I’m getting cozy to sleep and a prayer-like phrase will arrive. I have to grab my notebook immediately or else I’ll lose it and often I’ll pour out an entire poem. Other times, I open a blank page on my computer and immediately fill it with what I feel is uplifting and beautiful.

I’m on a mission to portray simple messages of thoughtful self-improvement.

The best part is when my clients call or email me with enthusiastic praise that it was exactly what they needed to hear.

Renee:  Tell me about the healing power of your jewelry.

Mariel:  Like anything, it’s a matter of believing in it or not. I provide beauty to decorate yourself with and words to live by. If you believe in the saying, “we are what we think,” then my jewelry is for you.

Once you read the poem, you automatically connect it with the jewelry. For example, when I put on jewelry, for a split second, I relive how I received the jewel:  who gave it to me, where I got it, and even feel those initial emotions again. So, it is that sentimental connection that works the same way with the poems. When you put the jewelry on and when you notice it while you’re wearing it, whatever you felt from the poem, you feel over and over again. It’s repetitive thinking that can change our behaviors and beliefs for the better. The jewelry acts as an easy reminder of the affirmation without having to spend a lot of time on it, and we all need to save time where we can these days.


Bella Magazine Interview

“Hands together aging. Years of sharing they have told. Ring of shinning stars reflect the spirit in the soul of future life yet to unfold. Love the RING! Perfect fit.”