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The Herstory of the The Heart Department in the Press We are filled with joy, but life will sometimes poke at that and test our resilience. Many of us don’t even acknowledge the stress, because we are in go-mode and nothing will stop us. No matter the hurdles, we will stretch our legs enough to […]

Carved Teal Bliss Necklace by The Heart Department

4 Tips on Business Attire for Women

So there I was, sitting in the doorway of a workshop in NYC last Friday morning. Soaked. Windblown. Yet, I was prepared. I was changing shoes and putting myself back together after the walk over, so I could take on the day. That moment inspired me to create 4 tips on how women in creative online industries […]

What is the Best Way to Clean Silver Jewelry?

What’s the best way to clean your Sterling Silver Jewelry? I tested the method I’ve used for over 18 years in the Jewelry Industry and the that method claimed to be the best natural method to see what works best. Please watch the video above to see the outcome or read on: First I showed […]

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An Easy Way to Pay Attention and Give Love

Have you heard that life is about finding meaning for our greater purpose as humans, in our relationships, and in our careers? It may just be the most acclaimed reason for our existence. We don’t fight this idea because we each feel it for ourselves to be true. We seek self-improvement and holistic approaches to […]

The Separation of You and Me

“A friend of mine told me of a guru from Sri Lanka who was asked, “What will be the undoing of humanity?” He answered: “The separation between you and me.” -Excerpt from Day 18 from “Meditations from the Mat” by Rolf Gates. We go upon our daily duties thinking “I can’t believe THEY did this; […]

Want to Feel Good about the Jewelry You Wear?

Have you ever bought something because it was your style, only to later be wearing it and realize it serves you no purpose? Jewelry is the most intimate of art forms because we wear it. So, why would you wear something that doesn’t empower you? As humans, we naturally feel good when we look good, […]

Pensacola Beach Florida and Sterling Silver Bracelets by The Heart Department

Nature and Spirituality

Every time I’m outdoors I am overcome with a shock to my system. There is an awakening to all of my organs and senses. I feel my blood streaming within me; a rush of energy to extremities. I am reminded of nature’s beauty and my connection to it. These emotions occur at my slightest exposure […]

The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul of The Heart Department

The voice of the sea speaks to this soul.

I cherish my thoughts, as they are as precious as water. We are limited, yet unlimited; bounded or boundless by desire. There are so many things I wish to achieve in this life, I waste time wondering how I can achieve them. Nike has been teaching it all along: Just Do It. Are you living […]

The Power of Thought and How it Relates to the KONY 2012 Campaign

When will promoting peace instead of fighting war become the cool thing to do? Tonight is “the night” for Invisible Children’s awareness campaign for Kony 2012 and I wonder how many people will be following suit? The video is a phenomenal example of viral marketing (88 million plus views on as of today); it […]

What is Autosuggestion? Thank you, Napoleon Hill!

I was reading Napoleon Hill’s bestseller Think and Grow Rich on a plane, when the woman sitting next to me wisely said, “That’s not what life is about.” She was referring to the dollar bills decorating the book cover. Having almost finished the book and understanding its contents, I rebutted, “Actually, it is.” Yes, it […]