You think meditation is a difficult thing to do. just be

Something that you don’t know how to do. But really, you’ve probably done it many times before without even knowing what you were doing. You just have to be mindful and then let go.

Let go of what? Let go of all the questions, of all the worry, of all the fear, of all the things to do, and of all the activity around you. This is when we gain clarity and the bigger pictures come to light.

I’ve meditated in the past through group guided meditations as well as breathing exercises and just taking a back dive within myself to sit and feel.

Meditation isn’t some esoteric concept; it is our natural ability to close in and get in touch with our selves, our body, our mind and our soul.

This closing leads to the expansion. It’s the perpetual state of life itself:  moving in two directions at once. In Math it is explained as each side of the equation must be equal. In yoga, we hear it said as “opposing forces,” when we ground by pushing into the earth while simultaneously reaching up to the sky. We get to stretch our bodies and our minds.

The problem, is that sometimes we become detached. Busy schedules and overwhelm make it easy to not make time for meditation. Too often, I’ve found myself thinking, “oh, Mariel, you haven’t been breathing” because my breath is so shallow and I’m too focused on something.

If you relate to this and need something quick and easy to reel you back in (to yourself, and therefore what is important to your life’s work), then check out this cool app I found. (I’m not affiliated or associated in anyway, was just reading Self magazine, Jan 2014 issue over at my sister’s house and came across it.) It works like a charm! It’s so cool – it has meditations to fit wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

It’s called Buddhify. Hope it helps you too!

Now, go thrive!

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