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Connecting the Past to the Future

Here I sit in this present moment cozy with excitement. The day has come. It is time for me to tell you a story. It’s a true story. Those are always the best kind. My mother’s designs have always whispered to me and have been a source of my inspiration. Often, their gentle undulating lines beg me to […]

Pensacola Beach Florida and Sterling Silver Bracelets by The Heart Department

Nature and Spirituality

Every time I’m outdoors I am overcome with a shock to my system. There is an awakening to all of my organs and senses. I feel my blood streaming within me; a rush of energy to extremities. I am reminded of nature’s beauty and my connection to it. These emotions occur at my slightest exposure […]

The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul of The Heart Department

The voice of the sea speaks to this soul.

I cherish my thoughts, as they are as precious as water. We are limited, yet unlimited; bounded or boundless by desire. There are so many things I wish to achieve in this life, I waste time wondering how I can achieve them. Nike has been teaching it all along: Just Do It. Are you living […]

Giving Thanks

No, it isn’t Thanksgiving! It’s Springtime here in the United States, and I am grateful for all the people that have helped me blossom. (Did you just think of the 90’s show with the girl in the frilly hat? I did. She was cool.) What else is cool? All these amazing people that contribute to […]

The Reality of a Motivated Mind

You may not want to read this. It’s real. It’s really real. I love purity, but I’m actually kind of gritty. I’m human, and that’s what inspires me most. It is a true gift to know oneself, and to know the world around them. It is this realness that I expose and that I think […]

What’s your heart telling you?

My heart is saying, Step Out. So, in honor of thinking with my heart instead of my head, I will unveil my handmade jewelry that harmonizes, humors, heals, and shines. Sign up for my newsletter (over there on the right) to be the first to see my new line!