Connecting the Past to the Future

Here I sit in this present moment cozy with excitement.Marilyn Legacy Collection

The day has come.

It is time for me to tell you a story. It’s a true story. Those are always the best kind.

My mother’s designs have always whispered to me and have been a source of my inspiration. Often, their gentle undulating lines beg me to get lost in them. But all I want is to get lost in her.

I try to navigate my way to what she saw when she made them. Are they symbolic? Are they abstract? I pull out obvious representations such as  a bird’s wing span soaring above a wave. In another pattern, I see the form of a woman’s body, drooping and sagging in all the wrong places. In another set of fluid lines, I see a seahorse. I wonder, is this what she saw too?

Her friend Connie told me they did call one of her designs the T&A earrings. Yikes! I ask myself, “is this something I want to bring into my collection?”

I’m pretty far from a T&A girl. I don’t even like lingerie. This is when it clicks. All these lines, these simple elegant lines, are a silent language.

You know how people usually get their first impression within the first 5 seconds of meeting and how I’ve talked about the sentiment of jewelry ? Well, my interpretation of her work resonates with me in the same way. Each line tells a story and it’s all about the perspective of the viewer.

A wrinkle doesn’t have to be a sign of old age when it instead represents a history of many smiles.

I’ve always been inspired by her designs and not just because she was/is my mother. (32 years later and I still don’t know what tense to use for a deceased parent. Do you say, this “is” her birthday, or this “was” her birthday? I opted out and say, “This would be her birthday.” But in this instance, I can’t say she “would have been” my mother. Silly little things of confusion.) I’ve been inspired by her designs because I connect her to the beach (if you want to read why, click here and here) and within her lines, I see fluid movement that only water and wind can create.

It is this movement that I think she strove to create. I take this endeavor upon myself as well. To move and cut metal with my hands and tools to look as though they have been shaped by the elements themselves.

If I were a betting woman, I would bet that the T&A thing was an afterthought and a funny interpretation of her design that gave two wildly passionate women something to laugh about.

Today, I’ve made progress on creating a body of work that features my inspiration. I will be using my mother’s original designs as the focus. I only have small segmented patterns of her work, so they will be the feature of the pieces I create. I have titled the series the Marilyn Legacy Collection. Since her career was short, yet full of grace and beauty, I will release 3 of her designs this year.

To show your interest, or to preorder, please send me a message. Thank you for being with me on this journey connecting the past to the future.

Here’s a little introduction of me trying to talk. 😉 ha, words only come out of my fingers!

love The Heart Department

“Given the way we met (in a voting line in Nashville TN), I obviously had no knowledge about you or your work, and no references. After having the opportunity to work with you, I can now say, without hesitation, that your work for me was fabulous, and you did it in a very prompt way. Further, you stayed in good communication and, I believe,  wish to make your customers happy. Those to whom I have given gifts of your jewelry have been very pleased, which makes me happy. You’re great!”