Giving Thanks

No, it isn’t Thanksgiving! It’s Springtime here in the United States, and I am grateful for all the people that have helped me blossom.

(Did you just think of the 90’s show with the girl in the frilly hat? I did. She was cool.)

What else is cool? All these amazing people that contribute to the meaning of my life. These are the entrepreneurial spirits that have given bloom to amazing businesses; they help businesses like me sprout. Maybe they’ll help you or your business sprout too.

{In the Scenes}

Want to know the models? I thought so! They are beautiful women with beautiful minds and beautiful purposes. Here are the actual people you see on my website giving life to something that is so difficult to photograph:

Bethany Hard is the most striking combination of power and peace. She intuitively instructs mind-bending and body-balancing Naam Yoga and Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga. Thank you, Bethany!

Constance, known befittingly by her username as Soulwriter on Instagram is a magical spirit of love. At 60 years old, her exuberance and feel for what is beautiful is tangible in her words and the images she captures. She is one of my dearest supporters. Thank you, Constance!

Maisha Dyson has a unique online boutique that offers stylish, made-in-America clothing for kids. Thank you, Maisha!

Melissa Brown at the Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health is a feisty little gem that is bringing a steady hand of spice to the plant-based diet world. Through therapeutic conversation, she pulls weeds you didn’t even know were weeds and then sprinkles in thought-provoking insight that has you digging to find answers within. Thank you, Melissa!

{Behind the Scenes}

The pictures of the women wearing my jewelry and the portraits of me were photographed by Stephen Moody of Dunn Media in Pensacola, Florida. Thanks for telling the story of my jewelry, Stephen! These images were shot on the beautiful shores of Pensacola Beach, Florida at the historical and visual experience of Fort Pickens.

I was able to build this website from scratch through the lessons I learned in a nifty action-based online course from Tara Gentile aptly called the Website Kickstart eCourse.

I sift through the endless flood of information that bombards me on the interweb and in life and these are the few I return to again and again:

I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read from Etsy Success Newsletters, Scoutie Girl and Tara Gentile, The Entrepreneurial Mind Blog, Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine , and listened to interviews on NPR and the The Economist that have made me more informed, and therefore confident as a business owner. So many thanks to the people behind these amazing publications.

My About page shares the sources of my inspiration.

My sister, Chloe’ Vignes, may be known as 2011 Teacher of the Year at Gulf Breeze Elementary and devoted mother to a thriving preemie, but I could write a novel on everything else she is. Every person is multifaceted, but we only get to witness certain facets of people unless we know them really well. At the very least, it is not only an honor for me to witness my sister, but also to be involved in life with her and have her as a bouncing board for my ideas. Thank you, Chloe’!

There is a man and a puppy that also fuel The Heart Department. To them, I owe my deepest gratitude. They are responsible for showing me that love is not a state of mind, but a state of being. Thank you, Frank and Waylin!

              XO, The Heart Department

Listening to:
José Gonsalez ~ Hand on Your Heart

“Yes!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you!  Can’t think of anything better to wear the rest of my life!  Whoa . . . that sounds crazy.”