Go With the Flow Cuff Bracelet


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I go with the flow

For that is all I know.

Through the crash of waves,

I swim harmoniously within the turmoil.

Through calm waters,

I go peacefully within the current.

 There isn’t a moment that disrupts my flow, as every moment is the flow.

I take a back dive into myself and understand.

 I go with the flow.

This bracelet mimics a cresting wave of our mother ocean.
As waves roll into shore, sometimes gently and sometimes wildly thrashing,
they resurface the sand beneath them.
As we gaze out to the power of the water, our hearts are translators of the motion.
The crashing waves wash away worry and fear; they smooth away our ragged edges.

Wear this bracelet knowing that it is always there to wash away the pain and replace it with purified brilliance.

Solid Argentium (resistant to tarnish) .925 Sterling Silver

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