The Rumplestiltskin – Rutilated Quartz Gold Ring




Rutiliated Quartz Gold Ring

This ring is titled “The RAD Rumplestiltskin” because as you know, the fairy tale by the Brother’s Grimm of Rumplestiltskin is filled with greed and ego. Always a lesson to be had, much of this story is about making promises that can’t be kept and finding a way to survive (reasonable or not).
The most obvious connection for this ring, is the golden rutile that swirls in a circle on the middle axis of the stone. It is cut to capture this tornado of gold and very much looks like an image of straw spun into gold. It is pristine natural beauty.
Then the connection turns into a reminder of only making promises you can keep, speaking only what you wish others to hear, and that greed isn’t about having the finest, it’s the mentality of wanting more. This ring is 10 grams of solid 18 karat royal yellow gold and 54 carats of natural rock crystal rutilated quartz. While the beauty and natural materials may make you want more, more would cause this ring to not be functional. Embrace your limitations.
So, while it is a luxury item, this ring is full of thoughtful reminders.

Solid 18 karat yellow gold ring

Golden Rutile – Rutilated Quartz

Shape:  Bullet

Weight:  54.11 carats


Watch the video of the behind the scenes making of this specific ring:

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