Undulating Wave Bracelet


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This handmade cuff bracelet is gift wrapped with the following poem:
Undulating Wave Bracelet – Cuff

Binding Resilience
Waves of opposing forces
Fall together and find triumph as one could not exist without the other.

Acceptance in the purest form
Love at the ready
Like a sword of peace
I enter a room.

xo, The Heart Department

This is a wide cuff, varying in width up to 2.5 inches.
This cuff is a study of undulation: concave vs convex.
We bend and flow and therefore all is at ease.

Solid Argentium (resistant to tarnish) .925 Sterling Silver
High Polish with star-dust diamond burred finish on inner surfaces to show dimension an add texture.

Sleek, Playful, Sophisticated sensuality at its finest.