The Original Wave Cuff Bracelet


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The cuff comes gift wrapped with the following poem:
Wave Cuff

I go with the flow
For that is all I know.

Through the crash of waves,
I surf harmoniously within the turmoil.
Through calm waters,
I row peacefully within the current.

There isn’t a moment that disrupts my flow, as every moment is the flow.
I take a back dive into myself and understand.

I go with the flow.

xo, The Heart Department

Poem written & Handmade Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Mariel Heart

Voluptuous waves remind us to go with the flow.
The lines are simple, yet unique to be fashionable and functional.

The cuff hugs the curves of a woman’s wrist.
It frames the outer wrist bone for a sculptural and sensual appeal that is comfortable.
Please select size at checkout:
Small: fits 6 to 8 inch wrists
Large: fits 9 to 11 inch wrists

Suitable for daily wear; it is an easy accent that adds good flavor to any outfit. From jeans to your finest gown, this bracelet is there for you.
Fancy and playful to endure the test of time.

Square wire adds another dimension: the top and bottom sides are polished to a fine high luster and the lateral sides have a fine stardust finish. Edges are burnished for softness and reflection.

Strong and delicate simultaneously: the symbol of being a woman.

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