The Reality of a Motivated Mind

You may not want to read this. It’s real. It’s really real.

I love purity, but I’m actually kind of gritty. I’m human, and that’s what inspires me most. It is a true gift to know oneself, and to know the world around them. It is this realness that I expose and that I think is exciting in life and should not be ignored.

Sometimes, I think, when the time is right, it’ll happen.
Then, the truth arises. The time is never right. It’s only up to me.

No matter what has been on my plate, I have always been able to make room for more of the things I like. You may be thinking about food, but I’m talking about To Do lists.
I’m talking about my motivating factors. I do what is right for my business, and the only thing that can be right for my business has to be right for my customers. So, as an artist, that is where I start. I get in their shoes {your shoes} and visualize if I were you what I would want or what I need. That’s when the ideas start bursting out like an explosion of pollen in Spring.

Right now, I’m madly motivated for art. Mad crazy to make love to paint on a canvas and grasp color in ways I never have before. My hammer beats metal so sweetly it leaves only a supple ripple of my love on it’s surface, yet an everlasting map of my emotions. My mind is wide open. My heart is wide open. Together they beat in time.

              XO, The Heart Department

Listening to:

Carla Morrison – Una salida



“Hands together aging. Years of sharing they have told. Ring of shinning stars reflect the spirit in the soul of future life yet to unfold. Love the RING! Perfect fit.”