Rustic Mens Bracelet

Happy Customer

Happy Customer!

Are you a man that is looking for a totem to symbolize something special to you?

Or do you have a man in your life that would appreciate such a thing?

Most of my work is delicate and feminine, but don’t be fooled, that’s not all I can do or like to do.

I love to give metal a beating and become mesmerized by the malleability of it’s nature to take the shape of what my hammer tells it. Each hammer mark is a trail of history; it is the memoir of a jewels birth before it begins its journey with the wearer where characteristics of time such as scratches will tell their own stories of living life.

Pictured here is a happy customer from Wisconsin, Garrett Fait, sporting the custom bracelet his wife got him for his birthday. He’s a big dude, and this is a huge bracelet that fits him to a T. It is an adjustable bracelet with sliding sterling silver tubes on genuine leather cord to ensure the fit is right since I didn’t get to measure his wrist in person.

“Mariel!!! I received the bracelet today and am speechless! It’s amazing, and I love the “Fait” on the back. Thanks again so much:)))” – Chrissy Fait

I so enjoyed making this bracelet. My designs often evolve as I make them and take my 2d drawing into 3d form and function. As I was making this bracelet I added a separate plate on the back to give the piece some depth and girth and decided to pierce out the family name on the back. The front of the bracelet features commemorative family dates, which was the idea of Chrissy’s best friend Tia, also a The Heart Department client.

What better gift is there for a man to celebrate his birthday with something that he can wear all the time and be a future heirloom than this rustic mens bracelet?

This is an image diary from sketch to completion of the rustic mens bracelet. This is the best gift for a husband or father to celebrate a special occasion like a Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or other momentous event.

Here are some images from start to finish:

rustic mens bracelet

after cutting the sheet to shape and making the tubing

rustic mens bracelet

filing the tube to shape

rustic mens bracelet tubes

sanding and finishing tubes after soldering

pierced out name

backside of bracelet after forming and soldering

from first sketch to completion

from first sketch to completion


Watch the video below to get a better look at the finished piece:

To see more pictures of this bracelet or to order a bracelet custom made for you with this overall design style, click this link to go to the listing in my shop:  Rustic Mens Bracelet Made to Order

To inquire about a custom work of art for you or your man, please submit this form:  Custom Jewelry Inquiry

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“I love my bracelet that you did for me with the anchor on it for Christmas!”