The Separation of You and Me

Each piece of jewelry comes with an inspirational poem.

Each piece of jewelry comes with an inspirational poem.

“A friend of mine told me of a guru from Sri Lanka who was asked, “What will be the undoing of humanity?” He answered: “The separation between you and me.”

-Excerpt from Day 18 from “Meditations from the Mat” by Rolf Gates.

We go upon our daily duties thinking “I can’t believe THEY did this; “he didn’t even bother to…;” “she looked at me like…” We are always taking away the power of someone else’s dignity to suit our own perspective.

We are not the same. We see the world differently based on what we have been exposed to and not been ignorant of throughout our lives. However, we do have common ground that connects each of us together.

Often, in our haste to judge or simply get on with our day, we ignore the thread of compassion that could easily uplift our entire lives.

It’s habit – a bad habit – to belittle others and ourselves. That is exactly what this quote means to me.

We are removing the unity of the world and crushing the seeds of peace that have been strewn about every time we say, “Ohpf, I’m so out of shape,” or “Grrr, what was that lady thinking talking on the phone and pulling out in front of me like that!” These little messages are the fuel that pollutes our minds and crushes our spirit.

What if we gave ourselves a pat on the back every time when we said instead, “Good for you, little body. Take a break and tell me when you’re ready to stretch your legs again.” Our bodies aren’t built to remain in doldrums, they’ll start giving us discomfort to remind us we have to keep them well oiled with nutritious foods and limber with exercise.

What if we gave our traffic enemy a distant high-five and a smile while thinking, “She must be dealing with a lot to be so scattered and in a rush.” Who knows if it’s true, but reacting this way will give her the benefit of the doubt, calm nerves and prevent added stress to you.

This way of thinking & living is, of course, transferable to a much greater scale:  the separation between religions, regions, ethnicity, and the time-worn list goes on and on. Let’s start small, our potential to pass on this uplifted way of respecting each other is sure to grow. Pass it on.

We can all afford to live with less drama and less stress, so remove the distance between us. Treat yourself as a temple and treat me as a temple. We both are.

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“Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.” ―Buddha.

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