The voice of the sea speaks to this soul.

The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul of The Heart DepartmentI cherish my thoughts, as they are as precious as water.

We are limited, yet unlimited; bounded or boundless by desire.
There are so many things I wish to achieve in this life, I waste time wondering how I can achieve them.
Nike has been teaching it all along: Just Do It.

Are you living your dream life? If not, what is holding you back?

The undulating motion of the water and the freeing horizon speak to me. They whisper in sweet ways what a tragic existence I live when I am not with her.
Amazing sights and daily hikes are a great way to feel my connection with earth, but the reset button is arriving at a beach. The open spance knocks into me and everything that doesn’t belong is pounced on and exterminated. I dive beneath the water and I’m home.

I create jewelry that mimics the feelings the beach brings and the images I recall, so that I bring her with me where ever I go.

Where is your favorite place? What is your reset button?

               XO, The Heart Department

Listening to: Warm Whispers by Missy Higgins

“I am a huge fan of your jewelry and have been totally pining –seriously pining for your jewelry. I am so happy right now! I have already thanked Diane who gave me the gift, but I just wanted to thank you so much, you’re work is so inspiring and I will have one of those bracelets soon. You’re just amazing and I am so thankful you are making art.”