4 Tips on Business Attire for Women

Carved Teal Bliss Necklace by The Heart DepartmentSo there I was, sitting in the doorway of a workshop in NYC last Friday morning. Soaked. Windblown.

Yet, I was prepared. I was changing shoes and putting myself back together after the walk over, so I could take on the day.

That moment inspired me to create 4 tips on how women in creative online industries (ie: bloggers, photographers, designers) should style themselves for a conference or business meeting to put their best foot forward.

After wearing uniforms from 1st to 8th grade, I was teased in high school for sporting my sister’s outfits the day after she did. This sparked my interest into fashion and finding my own style. I have spent 18 years in the jewelry industry, which has a very materialistic perspective, yet have coupled it with my vision of a holistic approach to feeling good both inside and out.

I’m an expert in helping people be stylish by guiding them to wear thoughtful pieces that help them change their beliefs and behaviors.

You may have heard that what you wear makes your first impression. I disagree. It is how you think, your perspective on life, which shows first. This is what every human innately picks up on first, and then it is what you are wearing.

Here are my tips:

1) Be true to you. Take a moment to really feel what you’re feeling. Are you nervous about meeting people, telling your story, or something else? These are good feelings that remind you that you’re alive, so embrace them and don’t try to hide them. The more you understand why you feel the way you do, the more authentic you’ll be when you’re speaking with others. The way you carry yourself is far more important than what you’re wearing.

2) Flip the script. Loosen the grip of whatever is holding you back by working with it. If you get fidgety and trip over your words when you are trying to network, you can use the color teal because it opens up communication and aids speaking. This goes for gemstones like Turquoise and Topaz as well as clothing.

It is very much about using these colors to trigger a deep seated association that already exists.

Orange removes obstacles (ever wonder why it is used for a Yield sign?), so if you have a ring with an orange stone like Citrine, Carnelian, or Spessartite Garnet, put it on your right hand (your giving hand), or wear something that has a splash of orange. Pink and Purple change negative thoughts into loving ones. Green is very healing and cleansing in case you are working with topics that are in the medical field or eco technologies. Red, of course, is the power color, so if you’re feeling weak, pop on some red and feel the shift. These associations with color are time-honored and proven throughout history, but it does take you to believe in it for it to work.

3) Pick out your favorite item of clothing or outfit. What is it? –A top, skirt, slacks, shoes, blazer, dress..? Is it appropriate for the event you’re attending? When you start with a base of your favorite piece of clothing, you’re already that much more empowered.

You always want to be professional and more dressed up than not. Style it to fit your brand and elevate yourself by thinking about how you want to be perceived. How can you add a color from Tip #2 that will complement your favorite piece and help you present your best you? A scarf, blouse, belt, piece of jewelry, purse or a pair of shoes are great options to add color.

4) A little makeup does wonders, so don’t neglect the opportunity to brighten your face with 5 minutes of mineral powder, a little eye shadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss. Stay professional and veer away from the heavy eye liner, especially on the bottom eyelid, which causes a break in your face. You’ll actually look more awake without liner on your bottom lid. Aim for minimal and fresh and you’ll save time by never having to start over.

You’re a whole beautiful package, so wrap yourself up nicely and don’t forget what’s inside.

love The Heart Department




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