Work Playlist

Would you like to peek inside my studio?

Here are two videos to step inside The Heart Department’s Nashville art studio:

{Scroll down to listen to the Work Playlist first}

This video is an introduction to how I became a jeweler. As you may already know, I’m a second generation jeweler, but not by one parent, by both.

and then there are these little guys over on Instagram where you can look inside The Heart Department’s jewelry workshop:

Making of 18 karat yellow gold chain:

Making of Argentium (tarnish resistant) Sterling Silver Wave Ring:

{Best Seller!} Wave Ring available for purchase here: 

Let’s get down to what we all came here for today:  Music! I’m a music lover and while I used to pride myself on finding good tunes, now I turn to my master mixer, my better half. I credit him for introducing me to all of these bands except Rafter. NPR’s World Music introduced me to them.

These tunes are not new, but for four years many have been my go to work music, so I created a work playlist to make it easy.

For those of you that have asked what I listen to while I work, when it isn’t NPR or CNN, it’s this playlist on Spotify.

The featured artists are The Whitest Boy Alive, Jose’ Gonzalez, The Whitest Boy Alive, Modest Mouse & Ugly Casanova and more from the 180 Degrees soundtrack.

By embedding the playlist here, it doesn’t allow for sorting, so it shows all of Jose’ Gonzalez at the top. You can scroll down and see the rest of the playlist, but even better is playing right from Spotify because then you can sort it.

I sort the playlist by Track Name by clicking the “Track” column header in Spotify and listen to the songs in that order, so it doesn’t play all one artist or one album in a row and I like kicking off with 1517 by The Whitest Boy Alive.

It’s kind of magical if you ask me. I love this playlist for work at my jewelry bench and getting things done.

I hope you enjoy!

“Hands together aging. Years of sharing they have told. Ring of shinning stars reflect the spirit in the soul of future life yet to unfold. Love the RING! Perfect fit.”